Chemical-Free Commercial Health Clubs and Spas

Get Your Members and Guests Out of the Dangerous Chemicals

    ECOsmarte has been helping millions of people in over 125 countries, and in every state in the U.S., get out of the dangerous chemicals since 1996. When it comes to a chemical free pool system, no one outperforms ECOsmarte.


     Our NASA inspired Chemical-Free Spa System utilizes ionization plus natural oxygen to kill bacteria, algae, and sanitize your pool water. It is more effective then chlorine, and is completely natural. The ECOsmarte Spa System also prevents mold buildup on covers and wooden hot tubs.

    The ECOsmarte Electro-Chemical System is more effective than any other chemical  treatment out there. It is easier to use than chlorine, safer than ozone, and more effective than bromine and salt water systems. If you have a large commercial spa, or pool, ECOsmarte has the best chemical-free water treatment alternative available. We have ECOsmarte systems running on pools of all sizes around the world.

    Hot tubs have been used for centuries to sooth, relax, and rejuvinate. However, in our modern society, with municipal water supplies contaminated with chlorine, flouride, dioxins, pesticides, fertilizers, and even prescription drugs!....It has never been more important to be aware of the quality of the water, and air that your members and guests are being exposed to.

   In addition to the health benefits of the ECOsmarte Spa System, your hotel, health club, or facility will no longer need to be concerned about chlorine damaging your air conditioning units, heat exchange systems, or other equipment. A chemical-free Pool and Spa System will greatly extend the life of these expensive pieces of equipment.

Your entire facility could have clean, crisp, chemical free water to every drinking fountain, spa, pool, sauna, steam room, juice bar, and every faucet - both hot and cold...


   Imagine supporting your guests with superior water by having your drinking fountains  provide water that has high dissolved oxygen, alkaline pH, as well as increased ORP (oxidation reduction potential). This means that the ionized and oxygenated water is an anti-oxidant. It is also more bio-available, which  hydrates the cells and flushes toxins and acidity from the body more effectively.

     The saunas, steam rooms, and showers could be free of the harmful effects of chlorine gas, trihalomethanes, dioxins, and other byproducts. The residual sanitizer of ionic copper from the ECOsmarte system will reduce, or eliminate bacteria, and other pathogens on the shower floor (athlete's foot), sauna benches, etc.

Eliminate salt-based water softeners and upgrade to a superior alternative science for scale control...


     Traditional salt-based water softeners exchange salt for calcium. ECOsmarte's technology leaves the minerals our bodies need

in the water and then converts the calcium carbonate to calcium bi-carbonate.  These charged ions will not adhere to your plumbing, pumps, sprayers, steamers and other equipment.


     The scale reduction provided by the ECOsmarte POE system will help to prevent scale build-up in steam room equipment, shower heads, as well as all plumbing throughout the entire facility without the need for salt-based water softeners.

Do your guests complain about the smell of chlorine in your facility?


     The ECOsmarte chemical free spa and pool system will also eliminate the offensive chlorine smell that is so common with indoor spas and swimming pools. Many reputable studies clearly indicate that the chlorine off gasses and is quickly absorbed by the lungs and into the bloodstream.  Indoor pools are especially dangerous. Health risks include: asthma and respiratory conditions (especially in children below 12 years of age), skin cancer, rectal cancer, as well as the inhalation and absorption of VOC's (volatile organic compounds linked to cancer). These are produced by the combination of chlorine and organic matter (sweat, hair, skin cells, uric acid etc.).

     Research reveals that warm air inhaled in showers, saunas, steam rooms, and spas drives dangerous chemicals into the bloodstream 100 times faster than drinking the same water.

     Unlike chlorine that dissipates quickly, the residual sanitizing effects of our ionic copper system will continue to provide protection against bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens.

Click HERE to see 14 studies on the dangers of breathing these noxious gasses and their negative health effects.


You can breathe easier knowing that the air quality in your facility is free of the toxic effects of these gases and chemicals...

Chlorine burns the eyes, damages hair, bleaches suits, and is linked to numerous health issues including: asthma, respiratory conditions, and a variety of cancers. Indoor pools are especially dangerous.

Provide your guests with water they can truly feel good about. NO CHEMICALS, NO SALT, NO BROMINE, NO VOC'S (volatile organic compounds), NO DIOXINS, NO TRIHALOMETHANES, NO CHLORINE GAS....

Untreated water will result in scale build-up in plumbing, and other equipment.

The ECOsmarte point-of-entry system produces  water  that is better hydrating and healthier than RO (reverse osmosis) water, or municipal water that studies reveal can contain over 1000 chemicals and contaminants.

An ECOsmarte POE (point-of-entry) system will remove the harmful chemicals like chloramines, chlorine, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and more from the air your guests are breathing.

Millions of people worldwide have gotten out of the chemicals and away from the dangerous fumes. Health Clubs should be healthy - right?

  • Easy Installation

  • Manual and Programmable Options

  • Optional CO2 Control

  • No filters or cartridges

  • Chemical and salt free

  • Superior water quality

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