Nitrate contamination from agricultural sources is an increasing risk for well water. Test our water for nitrates? Minnesota county says 'No thanks.'

Star Tribune December 31, 2017

Minnesota Communities impacted by Well Water Nitrate Contamination Take the 'Bury the Head in the Sand' Approach.  

At its December meeting, the Brown County Board of Commissioners in New Ulm declined to adopt a plan that would allow some residents to get their drinking water tested for nitrates and other farm contaminants by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. The tests are part of a statewide project to assess water quality in private wells in areas that are especially vulnerable to leaching from fertilizers and pesticides — a rising concern in some of parts of Minnesota’s farm country. Of 20,000 wells tested to day ~10% are contaminated beyond a level deemed safe by the EPA. 

Communities Impacted by Nitrate Contaminatin

The map above shows the areas tested and those to be tested subject to the communities cooperation. Per the Star Tribune article the primary resistance is coming from both farmers and the agricultural industry who do not want the use of fertilizer regulated despite the documented health risks associated with Nitrate consumption. 

Nitrate Remidiation

INitrates can be remediated (removed) from well water via ion-exchangereverse-osmosisdistillation, biodenitrification, and eletrodialysis. The most commonly used treatment approach is by ion-exchange, the same technology water softeners employ. With this type of system, chlorides are exchanged for the nitrate, and the high nitrate waste is flushed into a holding tank or drain field . Similar to a water softener, salt is added to a salt tank, and the nitrate resin is regenerated automatically with salt water.

Standard POE

Two Alternative Well Water Treatment Systems Provide 100% Nitrate Removal:

Ecosmarte provides point of entry (POE) nitrate removal filtration alternatives employing ion-exchange resin. In addition, both systems provide electrolytic sanitation and oxidation (see remedies) deliveriing a total well water treatment solution not offered by other companies. 

High volume POE

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