The risk of source water contamination is becoming increasingly prevalent!


Leaking underground storage tanks (“USTs”) are one of the most serious threats to the quality of our nation’s groundwater. Fifty percent of the nation’s population, and 100 percent in virtually all rural areas, rely on groundwater for drinking water. About 680,000 federally-regulated USTs are buried in urban and rural areas across our nation. Forty-five states have designated USTs are a major threat to groundwater quality. More than 100 million people rely on groundwater for drinking water in states where backlogged USTs cleanups pose a serious threat to groundwater quality.


Underground storage tanks hold toxic material, such as gasoline and waste oil, which contain dangerous substances that can cause cancer and harm developing children. Chemicals in USTs can quickly move through soil and pollute groundwater. There is no safe level of exposure to many of these toxic substances.

Industrial Storage Tank Leakage

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People near refineries and storage tanks are at risk.  

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