Fountains and Water Features

Are You Having Problems With Your Water Quality in Your Fountain or Water Feature?

     If you have a fountain or water feature, you are most likely dealing with a variety of challenges to keeping it functioning properly. Some of these include:

  • Scale build-up on rockwork, walls, glass, sculptures, pumps

  • Cloudy or murky water

  • Working with hazardous chemicals

  • Clogged spray bars, jets, and plumbing.

  • Odors

     Our water quality solutions will provide you with water that does not scale, is free of lead, iron, manganese, arsenic, chlorine, flourine compounds, trihalomethanes, barium, pesticides, fertilizers, odor, and discoloration. You can have softer water that does not scale without the need for salt based water softeners.


The Millenium Center In Orlando, FL uses
ECOsmarte's AutomatedSystem

Superior Water Quality Without Salt or Chemicals

"What do you do when you are planning a 2 million gallon water feature for the Olympic games, which will be seen by a worldwide audience, and must be perfect?

You turn to the best Salt-Free and Chemical-Free Water technology available"

ECOsmarte's Fully Automated System uses  ionization with natural oxygen and  CO2 pH control, that resulted in crystal clear water so pure that you could drink it.


 No harsh chemicals, or dangerous fumes.

          Athens Olympic Lake - 2004

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  • Easy Installation

  • Manual and Programmable Options

  • Optional CO2 Control

  • No filters or cartridges

  • Chemical and salt free

  • Superior water quality

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