Whole House Water Treatment Systems

Isn't it  time to take back control of your water quality?

     The Point-of-Entry System is configured to your specific water conditions. Whether you have municipal water, or well water, it treats all the water in your home or business, indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. It does not restrict, limit or otherwise reduce your supply of available water. There are no cartridges to exchange, and only about 30 minutes of maintenance a year!

"Keep the salt out and leave the minerals in..."

     Eliminates the need for salt based water softeners!

No More Lugging Bags of Salt...not to mention the health benefits to bathing/showering in water that is fresh, safe, and salt-free.  "We soften the minerals, not the water."


     ECOsmarte ionization and oxygenation will also protect your plumbing and fixtures. Ionization prevents minerals from forming hard scale by charging the minerals so they cannot bind together. The System converts calcium to keep it “soft”, as the digestible calcium bicarbonate.


     This also contributes to “wetter water”. Your treated water will slowly dissolve existing scale in your pipes, water heater, appliances and plumbing fixtures. The greatest causes of equipment failure or inefficiency are scale and corrosion, which are eliminated by ionization.

Whole House System

Reduces and Eliminates Scale

Municipal Whole House Water Treatment System

     The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry product line brings state-of-the-art electronic ionization, chemical-free, titanium oxidation and multimedia filtration into the residential water market. This breakthrough, ECOsafe technology, creates a new standard in water quality.

     The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry systems creates charged particles called ions. Mineral ions are safe and essential for humans, plants and animals but are lethal to bacteria, algae and some viruses. The mineral ions stop bacteria and algae from colonizing in your plumbing when water is not in use.


     The ECOsmarte copper ionization process is recognized by the US EPA to provide numerous anti-microbial benefits.


     If you currently use an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system, you should know that RO filters produce only 1 gallon purified to 4 gallons wastewater! In today's world, water conservation should be on everyone's mind.


Well Water System with 24/7 bacteria protection....

Microbial and organic contaminants may not be detectable by the human senses. Just because it looks and smells fine, does NOT mean that it is safe for you and your family. If you have a well water system you are at risk of bacterial contamination, as well as pollution from fertilizers, pesticides, petroleum products, nitrates, E coli, chloroform, viruses, and protozoa. We will test your water and configure a system specifically to address your unique water issues. Whether you have well water, or municipal water, we have the water filtration system that is right for you. You can relax knowing that you are getting pure, safe, clean, great tasting water from every faucet in your home.


     We will test your water and configure a system specifically to address your unique water You will have the benefit of showering and bathing in water that is free from the many toxic chemicals commonly found in many municipal water supplies including: chlorine, fluoride, dioxin, ammonia, pharmaceuticals, PFC's, and more

      The ECOsmarte Well Water POE system will provide you with one million gallons (before a media change)  of high quality water using activated carbon and hydroxite filter tanks, with automatic timed back wash valves.


    EPA signature lab test on over 140 items included with every unit sold. Do not purchase equipment from any manufacturer with portable home testing. Why put harmful brine or chemicals into your septic system? 99% of ECOsmarte® well water installs discharge natural water to your drain field. 

California 2010

We are so pleased with our ECOsmarte Point of Entry system, we previously had a system which required salt pellets and monthly maintenance. This system gives us great water at every faucet in the house. No scale or build up on appliances or showers. It leaves your skin feeling wonderful and the shine in my hair is amazing. As a Healthcare professional, in the dialysis industry and being familiar with RO water I am impressed with the performance of this system. I tell all my neighbors about it and will have one in any house I am in from now on. My husband is so pleased with the way it leaves no spots on the cars.


Christine Bruccolieri

We have now been in our house for about 6 months and of all the various features and appliances, by far the best thing we did was to get the water purification system. It is so nice to have really clean glasses with NO RESIDUE! Paige was somewhat skeptical with the purchase but now, I am not sure we can do without one. We notice the taste of water in other homes and businesses and truly appreciate what we have. I just wanted to let you know that things are going smoothly with the system, we love it and ABSOLUTELY glad we went with it! Thanks again for all of your help and if you ever need a reference, just give them my name.


Ritchey Simpson
Birmingham, Alabama

  • Easy Installation

  • Manual and Programmable Options

  • Optional CO2 Control

  • No filters or cartridges

  • Chemical and salt free

  • Superior water quality

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