Residential Irrigation    Point-of-Entry for City or Well Water

Improve the Health of Lawns and Gardens by:

  • The elimination of industrial and agricultural contaminants

  • The removal of microbial pathogens via ionization.

  • Increases soil permeability

  • Fertilizers absorb more efficiently

  • Water is more easily drawn into plant cells increasing bio-mass, nutritional density of fruits and vegetables.

  • Water savings. Better results with less water used.

  • Plants given this water are more drought and frost resistant.


     The vast majority of ECOsmarte irrigation systems are installed to remove iron and manganese, items that stain rock and concrete as well as prevent successful plant growth.


     ECOsmarte irrigation configurations have an extremely low operating cost and average 30 minutes per year simple maintenance on residential sites and average 2 hours per year on 12 month commercial sites. 20 to 1200 GPM sites can be handled with standard equipment. Drip and mist systems have been configured to meet 100,000 gallons per day.

The Best Technology for All Forms of Irrigation

  • Provides healthy water for people, poultry, dairy and swine by removing iron, manganese and sulfur without salt or chemicals.

  • Saves money on watering by improving penetration and soil moisture levels (less water used).

  • Treats water repellent soils, including caliche.

  • Helps the uptake of fertilizer thru lower surface tension in both water and soil


     One of ECOsmarte’s benefits is that the water soaks into the soil, rather than running off the surface. ECOsmarte’s water will act as a soil wetter, reducing the surface tension of the soils so the water permeates in. And the most important part is it coats each soil particle so the next time water is applied, it will soak into the soil straight away and increase the water holding capacity of the soil and change the soil spatter pattern in the irrigation zone.


     Numerous plant pathogens are controlled by the well documented effects of copper ionization and an ECOsmarte irrigated soil will prevent mineral buildup at the root level.

Lawns grow greener, healthier, drought and frost resistant, with less water used.

Plants grow faster, healthier, and stronger, with an increase in nutritional density.  

Natural Oxygen & Ionic Copper

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Are you having issues with the quality of your water? What ever your water challenges are (Iron, lead, bacteria, fertilizers, nitrates, arsenic and many other contaminants), we can fix it. Send us your water issue in the form below and we will send you the solution. Guaranteed.

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