CO2 Injection Water Treatment


Carbon dioxide (CO2) injection is utilized to reduce pH in alkaline water for the water and wastewater industry. Replacing mineral acids with CO2 for pH reduction offers many benefits. One no longer has to buy or store caustic chemicals that can do more harm than good, so the site safer and costs are reduced. This process helps manage peak demand and increases capacity, increases plant flexibility and lessens the impact on the environment. 

Why Adjust the pH?

  • To stabilize the water chemistry

  • To minimize the effects of corrosion

  • To meet discharge wastewater requirements

  • To reduce or prevent carbonate scaling

  • To enhance chemical reactions or processes e.g. for polymers, chlorine, lime, filtration, contaminant removal

 Advantages Of Carbon Dioxide VS Other pH Control Alternatives

  • It is more Cost-effective 

  • It provides optimal pH control

  • It eliminates on-site acid storage and handling

  • It lowers system maintenance costs

  • It lowers piping system installation costs

  • It reduces the wastewater pH before it leaves the plant

Examples of Water Treatment Processes Utilizing CO2

  • Lime softening

  • Enhancing coagulation (Municipal Water Treatment)

  • Stripping – H2S

  • Corrosion control

  • Membranes including reverse osmosis

  • Disinfection – Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Filter backwash

  • Bromate reduction

  • Arsenic removal

  • Waste water treatment (Permitting)

How to Monitor pH (Go to Water Chemistry)

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