Media Bed Water Filtration Alternatives

Sediment Removal

Anthracite Filter Coal

Antracite is commonly used as sub-fill and as a component of multi-media filters. Anthracite is a durable media with long life and a wide temperature range. It contains no silica to interfere in the production of ultra pure water.

Sand and Gravel

Sand and gavel is also called Torpedo Sand/Coarse Sand/Support Gravel/Filter Gravel/Pea Gravel. Our filter sand and gravel is 99% silica and mined in New Jersey. The sub-angular shape of silica sand enhances the mechanical filtration properties of multi-media filters. It is a dense media at 100 pounds per cubic foot and acts as perfect sub-fill for non-silica sensitive applications such as water softeners and dealkalizers.

Glass Pack

GlassPak is a fine granular glass media that filters water down to two (2) microns (u); it is much more effective in swimming pools and other applications than sand media. 


Garnet is typically used in multi-media filters as the sub-fill or bottom layers of the filter. At 126 pounds per cubic foot its density requires high backwash rates combining fine mesh garnet with other media such as sand and anthracite significantly increases the filtration capacity of a system. 

Filter Lite

Filter lite is a low-density media typically used in multi-media filters to enhance the capacity of the filter to remove smaller micron particles. At 24 pounds per cubic foot it sits as the top layer in a multi-media filter. 

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Manganese dioxide

Manganese dioxide media used primarily in potable water residential applications for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. Chlorine is often used during regeneration cycle to insure full capacity.

KDF 55 & 85 

KDF 55 & 85 KDF is also known as a redox alloy. KDF55 is used for the efficient removal of chlorine and mercury remediation. It is universally applied from the smallest of water filters to large municipal and industrial equipment. KDF85 removes iron, hydrogen sulfide and chloramines removal

Pesticide & Herbicide Removal


Purolite removes volatile organic compounds and groundwater chemicals. 

Iron (Fe) Removal

Greensand and manganese dioxide

Glauconite, coated with manganese dioxide, is an excellent greensand filtration media for catalyzing the oxidation of soluble iron and manganese and the gas hydrogen sulfide.


Granular manganese dioxide can be used alone for reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from residential water supplies. 


Birm is a granular filter media commonly used for the reduction of iron and/or manganese from residential raw water supplies. The efficacy of brim is determined by the pH of the water.

Arsenic Removal

Clack Calcite 
Engelhard ARM200

Clack Calcite and Engelhard ARM200 are utilized for arsenic removal.

Nitrate Removal
PCB Removal
PFAS & PFOAS Removal
Mercury Removal
Lead Removal
GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon)
Heavy Metals Removal

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