Fountains and Water Features

Are You Having Water Quality Issues in Your Fountain?

ECOsmarte's ionization and oxygenation technology is the perfect solution for anyone that has a fountain, or water feature. ECOsmarte's unique electro-chemical sanitation system will prevent minerals from forming hard scale on the surfaces of your fountain, or water feature, by charging the minerals so they cannot bind together.

  • Wetter water (lower surface tension)

  • Eliminates problem algae on rockwork, fountain surfaces, sculptures,  and in the  water

  • Removes: pesticides, fertilizers, petroleum products, ammonia, and other contaminants that may enter through run off, or through the source water (well).

  • Maintains superior water clarity with no chemicals

  • pH control through programmable CO2 feature.

Water Features

     Water features and fountains require optimal water quality in order to operate efficiently. Scale build up, and problem algae can  be difficult to eliminate.

The ECOsmarte electro-chemical water sanitation addresses the most common challenges facing anyone in charge of servicing these installations.

  • No more murky water

  • Eliminates scaling on glass, acrylic, stone, rockwork, sprinklers, nozzles, and spray bars.

  • Eliminates hair and string algae.

  • Protects sculptures and artwork from corrosive chemicals.

Trouble-free operation: no scale, no stains, ionic copper residual sanitizes water without chlorine, or chemicals. Pumps, jets and sprayers remain free of mineral deposits and clogging.

Superior Water Quality is just a phone call away....

  • Easy Installation

  • Manual and Programmable Options

  • Optional CO2 Control

  • No filters or cartridges

  • Chemical and salt free

  • Superior water quality

We have solutions for your water quality problems. Give us a call at (612) 293-0162

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