ECOsmarte® Science Summary 
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NOTE:  The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by ECOsmarte's


Electronic Soft Oxidation (Zero Ozone): 

Using standard residential current (USA and International 220v 50 cycle; 240v 50 cycle available), ECOsmarte® circuitry transforms the power to low D.C. voltage and low amperage on its titanium electrodes, which have a proprietary noble metals coating. Water contains oxygen in the water molecule itself. OH hydroxyl ion, theoretical atomic oxygen (O1) and oxygen (O2) are generated  within the sealed pressure line to oxidize the water without using sodium or chemical (the O2 can be easily confirmed with a D.O. meter). No ozone is generated. 20-80 grams per minute of oxygen radicals are created from the water ( at 20 to 2400 gpm flow) and are noted on the following Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Chart, as accepted by most chemistry text books:1,2,3


(ECOsmarte® Oxidizers in Bold)


Chemical                                         Symbol                                OPR Relative Value


Fluorine                                                 F                                               2.25

Hydroxyl Radical                                OH                                              2.05 

Atomic Oxygen                                    O                                               1.78

Ozone                                                  O³                                              1.52

Hydrogen Peroxide                           H2O2                                           1.30

Potassium Permanganate                 K MnO                                       41.22

Hypochlorous Acid                            HOCl                                           1.10

Chlorine (Gas)                                     Cl                                               21.0

Oxygen                                                O                                                2.94

Sodium Hypochlorite                         NaCl.                                               69

Bromine                                               Br                                               2.57


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