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Do customers ever contact you looking for a solution to a contaminated well and/or municipal water quality issues? 


     Allow us to help them solve their water problems by making them aware of a superior alternative that will provide pure and safe water. They will thank you for it...AND you will earn money each and every time you provide a customer referral that purchases a Municipal or Well Water Point-of-Entry System.

You Can Be Confident Letting People Know About This Proven Water Treatment Technology

     Ecosmarte's well water treatment 

systems water treatment technology

developed  by Honeywell for the

NASA Space Program to control scale

and microbes in their water suppply

way back in 1967!


     This filtration technology has been

enhanced with Natural Oxygen and

Ionic Copper to safely & effectively

eliminate bacterial contamination. 


     The appropriate media tanks are

then configured to address each wells specific conditions based on their water test. We provide solutions for ANY water quality issue.


     Millions of people worldwide, in over 130 countries, and in every state of the U.S., have been enjoying the benefits of this superior water technology since 1986. ECOsmarte's water treatment systems have a wide variety of applications including: chemical-free, salt-free swimming pools and spas, to green houses, agriculture, cooling towers, and poultry farms. The ECOsmarte water is simply the best water available. 


You can relax knowing that we will handle everything including:

  • Contacting the customer

  • Sales presentation of filter system options, and the  benefits of achieving optimal water quality. We will answer any questions and concerns

  • 140 point EPA lab test included with every system purchased

  • Configuring the filtration system to deliver the highest quality water

  • Closing the sale and taking payment

  • Shipping the filtration system to the customer

  • Co-ordinating the system installation

  • Paying you a referral fee for each referral that purchases a Point-of-Entry System​




     The well water and municipal Point-of-Entry systems provides residual ionic- copper that offers superior round-the-clock protection from bacterial contamination. The electrolytic oxidation improves the filtration process and raises the DO (dissolved oxygen) in the treated water. This not only produces a fresh, great tasting water, but it reduces the water's surface tension which makes it more bio-available for plants, animals, and humans. The electrolytic sanitation & oxidation, combined with the appropriate media, provides unsurpassed water quality. 


     Your customers will thank you for helping them find a superior, safe solution, to the ever present threat of bacterial infection and ground water contamination.


     Carbon and other media alone DO NOT protect the homeowner from drinking well water contaminated with bacteria. And testing the well water only once a year is dangerous and inadequate; the one-time bleaching frequently proscribed is nothing more than a temporary solution. 

Wells Can Unexpectedly Become Infected Between Tests......Then What?  


A well can test negative for bacteria today, but then it could become infected and test positive next week with any of the following: Coliform Bacteria, E Coli, Legionnaires, Cryptosporidium, Shigella, Giardia, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Hepatitus A and more. Ecosmarte's Well and Municipal Water Treatment Systems prevent this from occurring 7/24/365: the ionic copper stands guard with residual protection that kills bacteria on contact. 


Why would anyone be satisfied with annual testing and occasional bleaching of their well water to control bacteria, when there is a superior alternative technology that provides 

24/7 protection?


     If your customer's well becomes contaminated with bacteria the standard protocol recommended is to bleach the well... wait 7 days...test....bleach again if the well is still contaminated. And repeat the process until the well is no longer infected. 


Really?  Does this method make you feel confident about the safety and quality of your well water?


     Ecosmarte's well and municipal Point-of-Entry Systems work around the clock eliminating bacteria, as well as the source water contaminants 

throughout the entire plumbing system from the point-of-entry to every fixture in the home or business. Now that's peace of mind....    


     Bacteria contamination is only part of the challenge. The well water may still contain numerous other contaminants that pose serious and long term health risks. The following is just a partial list of common contaminants that the Point-of-Entry Systems eliminate: dioxins, gasoline, PCB's, VOC's, arsenic, heavy metals including lead, radon, phenol, chloroform, iron, manganese, fertilizers including nitrates, hydrogen sulfide, nitrites, ammonia, pesticides, and many others.

"Help your customers get the kind of water they will

truly feel good about"

Get Started Now...It is as Easy as 1-2-3...

Step 1:   Join our referral program by filling out the sign up form below. We will contact you shortly and answer all of your questions regarding how the program works and how you will profit from the referral program.

Step 2:  Forward referrals to: 

There are many ways to spread the word and let your customers know about a superior solution to their well water issues for example:

  • ​Forward an email offer you customer list that describes the system and answers the most frequently asked questions 

  • Include an insert in your current mailing

  • Place a sign near your register, or in your showroom

  • Gather contact information from customers that call, or stop in looking for a solution to their contaminated well 

  • Include an ad/offer in your current newsletter or monthly mailing

  • Promote the Point-of-Entry Systems on your blog, or website


Step 3:  You will receive a referral fee for every referral that purchases a point of entry system from Kinetic Aquatics, Inc. 

Just fill out the Sign Up Form below, and we will contact you shortly to get the ball rolling. If you have any questions about how the referral program works, simply give us a call at (612) 293-0162. 

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