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Chlorinated pools burn your eyes, bleach and dry out your hair, and fade your suit. What do you think those toxic chemicals are doing to your body? Swimming pools have multiple toxic chemicals including: Trihalomethanes and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds linked to cancer) that result from the action of the chlorine on organic elements. These carcinogens enter your bloodstream and lungs within thirty minutes of getting into the pool.

The EPA has listed skin absorbed chlorine as one of their top 10 carcinogens. Recent studies have also linked chlorinated swimming pools with an increased risk of certain types of cancers including skin cancer, bladder cancer, asthma, allergies, and respiratory ailments.

Wouldn't You Rather Swim in Chemical-Free, Salt-Free Water?


ECOsmarte offers a unique technology that can sanitize swimming pools without chemicals. The system costs less than a $1 per month to operate,  saves on electrical usage from reduced filtration. This revolutionary system is 100% Chlorine-Free. You will save  money by eliminating the traditional chemicals to sanitize your pool.


There are now over 124,000 pools worldwide in over 127 countries providing swimmers with a healthy, safe alternative to the dangerous chemicals commonly used like: chlorine, bromine, and salt to chlorine generators.

ECOsmarte has been in business for 25 years and has helped millions of people get out of the toxic chemicals and into the purity of the ECOsmarte water. Electrochemical sanitation was developed by NASA to eliminate pathogens and bacteria from the water supply for the space program.


ECOsmarte has combined oxidation and ionic copper to achieve superior water quality without the use of chlorine or salt. The ECOsmarte water is salt-free, and chemical-free and can be backwashed directly onto your lawn. It will love you for it.

Did you know that Salt Pools have a Salt to Chlorine Generator?

Salt pools use a chlorine you are still soaking in chlorine! You also have the other negatives of a salt pool to deal with which include:

  • Salt pools kill your plants and grass

  • Destroys the masonry around the pool

  • Damages any metal around the pool

  • Salt discharge (backwash) is banned in many cities

  • Uses high voltage to convert salt to chlorine

  • It is NOT chlorine free, and therefore not the healthy alternative like the  chemical-free water that the ECOsmarte technology provides.

"We Love the Water!"
WE LOVE OUR ECOsmarte Pool!  First time pool owners.  We have had our ECOsmarte pool for 5 years.  We maintain our pool ourselves.  No chemicals to deal with. Very easy to maintain.  No chlorine smell, no red eyes just clean, clear water.  Highly recommend an ECOsmarte pool.

Kim, Dan, Grant & Pierce
El Segundo, CA

"We have had our chlorine-free system for 13 years. I didn't want our three daughters to be swimming in the harsh chemicals. No more stinging eyes and no more faded swim suits. Not only that...our vinyl liner has outlasted all of our neighbors because even it is damaged by the harsh chlorine..."

Replace your sand with ECOsmarte glass media for SUPERIOR WATER QUALITY



Simply switch the sand in your sand filter to the ECOsmarte Glass Pack, and you will save water, energy, and money every month.

ECOsmarte Glass Pack Provides the Following:

  • Glass Pack® filters skin cells, blood cells and 70% of all bacteria such as coliform or ecoli. No need to "shock" or flocculate the pool as with sand or cartridge filters

  • Glass Pack® contains no crystalline silica - resulting in better lung protection for employees and a far healthier environment. Silica is a TYPE I known aspirant carcinogen.

  • Glass Pack® is manufactured from 100‰ recycled glass, sterilized and machined  like sugar.

  • Glass Pack® grains are amorphous, smooth particles that have higher attrition strength and do not permanently trap bacteria in cracks.

  • Use of Glass Pack® filter media will lower your consumption of chlorine and coagulants. Coagulants and metal removers are not compatible with ZEOlite and are compatible with glass.

  • Glass Pack® media is superior to DE and it will change your life if you manage your own filter.

  • Glass Pack® saves 400% of the backwash water used with silica sand and saves TWICE as much water as the unsterlized and plate glass competition.

Only Glass Pack removes skin cells ( 8 micron) with 2 micron filtration. Cartridges (20 micron) and Sand (60 micron) do not.

Are You Ready to Get Your Family Out of the Dangerous Chemicals?

     "I am very pleased with the quality of your product

and the dramatic change I have experienced with my

pool; although, at first, I was skeptical whether or not

the Ecosmarte system was going to work. I quickly

realized that the system backed all it claimed. I can

swim in my pool without the awful smell of chlorine.  

Its wonderful!

The combination of the Ecosmarte chamber and the
ZEOsmarte in my filter has resulted in the cleanest,
purest water I have ever had the luxury of swimming in.
 I thank you once again for inventing a product as
revolutionary as this one with my health in mind."

Gabriel Albelo - Miami, FL

Dear ECOsmarte:


We love swimming in a pool that doesn't pickle our bathing suits, fry our hair or hurt our eyes.  We also appreciate the ease with which we can maintain the chemical balance. Additionally, this system has eliminated the chronic algae problem that plagued us before we switched from a chlorine-treatment system.

Moraga, CA

Isn't it time to get Your Family and Friends Out of the Dangerous Chemicals?

  • Easy Installation

  • Manual and Programmable Options

  • Optional CO2 Control

  • No filters or cartridges

  • Chemical and Salt Free

  • Superior water quality

Make the decision to get out of the chlorine and into pure, clean, safe water. NO MORE STINGING EYES !

The ECOsmarte Programmable Pool System with CO2 pH control will allow you to automate your pool's water chemistry. Set and forget...

This is the perfect system for those that want the luxury of a chemical free pool without the need to manually operate a thing.


A couple simple water tests once per week, and your pool will maintain a crystal clear, chemical free experience for all those that enter.  

The ECOsmarte Swimming Pool System has helped millions of people worldwide enjoy the comfort and safety of a chemical free pool.


Once you swim in the pure, clean water of an ECOsmarte pool, you will be SPOILED, and will never want to swim in a chlorinated pool again!

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