Dave Slater - Maine

We have had our ECOsmarte system for 13 years and couldn't be happier. We originally ghot the system because we didn't like the idea of our three daughters being exposed to the harsh chemicals. No more stinging eyes, faded suits, and my middle daughter's hair no longer turns green because of the chlorine.

Inn addition, our liner has outlasted all of our neighbors pools because we DO NOT use the corrosive chlorine anymore.

We love our ECOsmarte pool. We had never heard of a chlorine-free pool, but our pool guy convinced us to give it a try. We are so glad we did. We can open our eyes under water with no stinging. Another side benefit is that I can scoop water right out of the pool and water my plants with it without any concerns about chlorine or salt killing them.

We highly recommend the ECOsmarte system...



     I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the performance of our Ecosmarte well water point-of-entry water filtration system.   Prior to installing the system, we were using an iron removal system on our irrigation, and a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water.  We were also experiencing flow problems with our faucets and shower heads due to mineral buildup. John from Ecosmarte, told us about the benefits of the system and we had our water tested.  This is not a simple water test; it is sent to the National Testing Laboratories and tested for 150 items. 


     The most significant result was that our water contained Arsenic in addition to high Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride and Sulfate.  The water was also very hard.  We elected to install as larger system to handle our whole house plus a large irrigation system.  Ecosmarte, at no additional cost, provided an additional filtration tank to remove the Arsenic.  Once the system was installed we had to make a few adjustments in our approach to our clean techniques, primarily not using chorine based products such as toilet bowl clearer and dishwasher rinse agents.   When we first installed the system we elected to keep the reverse osmosis in place for our drinking water, but after 8 months we removed as it was not necessary. The system provides bottled  quality drinking water at all our faucets thru out the house.  All this is done without the need to do any maintenance the system or haul bags of salt to a softener.


     At the same time we installed a Ecosmarte  pool  system for our in ground pool to eliminate the need for chemicals.  After one season I can say we enjoyed a full season of a clear pool without the need for chorine or salt.


     If you wish to enjoy the benefits of chemical and salt free odorless water I highly recommend Ecosmarte water systems for your house and pool.

Charles Gebben


I was skeptical at first, but Chris Ward at Lazy Day Pools convinced us to give it a try, and we are so glad we did. The water has been crystal clear all summer and we haven't had to use any chemicals whatsoever. Our eyes no longer sting and we are chemical-free and salt-free. Another benefit is that I can scoop some water right out of the pool and water the plants around the pool without the harmful affects of salt or chlorine.



We got our first ECOsmarte chemical-free pool system eight years ago and we love it. Now we have one on both of our homes. The reason we went chemical free was because our doctor strongly advised us to keep our three children out of the harsh chemicals in our chlorinated pool because they had all developed psoriasis.....


"We have had our ECOsmarte system for 26 years and could not be happier. We tried Chlorine (which was harsh), and Baquacil (which smelled terrible), and then we heard about ECOsmarte. The system has worked perfectly and our grandchildren love the water because it doesn't sting their eyes.


I highly recommend ECOsmarte."


Bonnie Glad

Bloomington, MN.


We've had our ECOsmarte chemical-free system on our indoor pool for five years. We replaced the chlorine system and we are glad we did. We love the water on our skin, and we can relax knowing it is not damaging the walls or ceiling in our pool room...


These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers from around the world. If you would like more testimonials, they are available upon request. We would LOVE to share them with you.

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