Well Water Testimonials

Arkansaw, Wisconsin, 2017

We like our ECOsmarte Well Water System. With ECOsmarte technology we are getting the best water we could possibly have. With ECOsmarte technology their system is the best and I am impressed with the quality of the equipment with everything built in Minnesota.

I often ask people what is your health worth and also what are you willing to spend to have it. I beleive our body is 97 Per Cent water, so why not have the best water you can have.


Thank you ECOsmarte.

Bruce and Lydia Myers



Holland, Michigan, January 2017

I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the performance of our ECOsmarte well water point of entry system. Prior to installing the system we were using an iron removal system on our irrigation and a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water. We were also experiencing flow problems with our faucets and shower heads due to mineral buildup. John from ECOsmarte told us about the benefits of the system and we had our water tested for 150 items. The most significant result was that our water contained Arsenic in addition to high Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride and Sulfate. The water was also very hard. We elected to install a larger system to handle our whole house plus a large irrigation system. ECOsmarte, at no additional cost, provided an additional filtration tank to remove the Arsenic. Once the system was installed we had to make a few adjustments in our approach to our cleaning techniques, primarily not using chlorine based products such as toilet bowl cleaner and dishwasher rinse agents. When we first installed the system we elected to keep the reverse osmosis in place for our drinking water, but after 8 months we removed it as it was not necessary. The system provides bottle quality drinking water at all our faucets throughout the house. All this is done without the need to do any maintenance on the system or haul bags of salt to a softener.

At the same time we installed an ECOsmarte pool system for our inground pool to eliminate the need for chemicals. After one season I can say we enjoyed a full season of a clear pool without the need for chlorine or salt.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of chemical and salt free odorless water, I highly recommend ECOsmarte water systems for your house and pool.

Charles Gebben
Holland, MI


Western Michigan 2014

We love our home water and our Well water!!

The Bouwen Family



Missouri 2014

We, being senior citizens, are unable to physically handle the salt or potassium replacement for water softeners. We were looking for a water system for our new home that would not require maintenance on our part.

Our area has very hard water and we were warned that appliances are short-lived and water lines get clogged with calcium deposits. In addition, homeowners in our subdivision are concerned about the chemical leftovers going into our treatment plant.

We feel we have solved future problems by purchasing an ECOsmarte Whole House Water Treatment system. In addition, we are able to drink from the faucet instead of purchasing bottled water for drinking and making coffee and tea.

We are looking foward to seeing the difference in our yard after watering this year.

Yours truly,

Donald and Barbara Keeling
Troy, MO


Saskatchewan, Canada 2011

Our water had a very high mineral content. All of my dishes were getting such a discolored film on them that I was embarrassed to use them for company. I replaced my dishwasher because I thought it was not working properly, but the new one was staining and ugly within a few weeks. My tubs and toilets just would not come clean. I cringed every time David turned on the shower because it meant hours of scrubbing.

What a difference now. We installed the ECOsmarte Water System in mid April 2011 and I have not scrubbed since. There are no stains and no film build-up and no smell to the water. A quick wipe keeps things clean and shiny. Even my clothes are cleaner. You would wonder how they would hold a film layer.

I would not hesitate to recommend the ECOsmarte Water System to anyone if it keeps working like it has so far.

Thanks to Reg Derdall, Advanced Pure Water Systems.


Judy and David Focht
Raymore, Saskatchewan



Pennsylvania 2011

I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased I am with my well water treatment system from Ecosmarte. We have been using the system for over a month. I could tell you how our iron stains are gone and our showers and tub are without the scum, but I am a numbers guy. So I had a followup water test done by the same lab that did the initial, pre-installation test. The results speak for themselves. Here are the key comparisons:







*I understand it may take a few months to remove existing scale from my plumbing

These numbers merely confirm our personal observations.
Thank you!
Rick Varconda
Danielsville, PA




Michigan 2010

This is my third ECOsmarte system, so it should be obvious that I am pleased with what it does. The first was at my Dad's house, the second at my current home and the third is at a new home just being finished.

We have municiapl water system that includes lots of calcuim and iron at no extra charge. The ECOsmarte system greatly improves the taste and when combined with a water softener, provides really good water that leaves dishes and glassware sparkling. In addition, our sinks, showers and tubs stay clean for quite a long time. Keep up the good work.


John and Estelle Clary
Spring Arbor, Michigan



Missouri 2010

Dear ECOsmarte,

I don't just enjoy my ECOsmarte water; I love it. I can't believe how much better everything at our home is. I was spending $60.00 a month on Downey alone, just to try and hide the sulfur smell. Starting August 9th, we had to really watch how much laundry soap to use because on August 10th (my 44th birthday) my daughter, Adrian and I had a "luey" moment with the washing machine. I put the usual amount of liquid laundry soap in the washer and we found the lid up on the washer from the soap suds pushing it up. There were bubbles all over the utility room. It was a joy to clean that up; no more hard water, no more sulfur smells and no more lime deposits and I use our Whirlpool tub almost everyday now. Needless to say; we don't use very much soap anymore on anything. I wouldn't take $10,000 for our ECOsmarte water system.

P.S. I don't know what I would do without Andy and Lorna Williams from Pure Water Exchange. Anyd has been away from his business a lot because I am such a hard sell, and I had so many questions. Lorna has been patient and stayed at the office working while Andy was at our house setting backwash times and explaining thing to me. He researched for many hours for several weeks to find the right water system for us. I trusted Andy because Pure Water is so important to him, and he knows water. Once he found the right system for us, he talked me through it, he was very knowledgable, patient and professional. He had to go over most things several times with me but now I understand more about pure water and ECOsmarte water systems than I ever thought I would.


Thanks again,
Nancy Ann Conner Wood
Neosho, Missouri



Oklahoma 2010

I am amazed at the sudden change in our water quality within the first day or two. The water tastes so much better and is odor free. A major improvement in the ice cubes too. Bathroom, windows, dishes sparkle with much less effort while using smaller amount of cleaning products.

We even noticed that our small humidifier works much better, (less white dust) even without a filter.

Wish we had invested in the ECOsmarte Point of Entry water treatment system sooner.

We would highly recommend ECOsmarte P.O.E. to anyone with a water problem.

Jonh & Elaine Mille

January, 2010

I installed one of your whole house systems approximately 5-6 years ago and have done absolutely no maintenance to it (out of sight, out of mind). I have noticed an odor in our upstairs faucets and was wondering if there is anything that I should do. (ie. Replace media, clean metal bars, etc.) Any info you can give me would be great. Thank you.

Bill Lane
Ismay, MT



February 13, 2009

I just want to tell you how pleased and impressed we are with the recently installed Point-of-Entry Well Water treatment system.

The improvement in the quality of our household water is incredible! We've happily removed all of our faucet purification devices and, in the words of my wife, It's Amazing!

Andy did a fantastic job with the installation, very professional and well thought out. The system fits fine into the area of our former water softener.

Please pass my gratitude onto Andy and members of your team.

Best Regards,


John McCauley
Winona, MN



June 16, 2006

Dear ECOsmarte,

Roger and I want to take a moment to thank you and tell you how happy we are with your service. Our home has an iron count of 14! However, for the past 4 years now, we confidently drink it, serve it and experience beautiful laundry loads due to your ECOsmarte System.

Thank you, again, for all your knowledge and assistance with this most important part of our lives. We will continue to encourage everyone, with the desire for fabulous water in their home or work place to contact you. Best wishes for more and more success as you expand and continue to grow!

Yours truly,

Kay Lancette
Sarona, WI.



June 28, 2005

Since we are both getting older and it is hard for us to pick up heavy items, like bags of salt which are used in most water softeners, my husband and I were happy to discover that there is a water purification system available which does not require salt. Your unit is also very compact and fits easily into an unused corner of our garage.

We like ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry water purification system because there is a pleasant quality to the water which is not unlike water from a natural source. The purified water is free of taste of chlorine and other chemicals. we also need less soap when taking a shower or washing dishes or doing the laundry.

Leo and Hermine Philippe

Scottsdale, Az



March 7, 2004

To whom it may concern,

We have purchased an ECOsmarte Point-Of-Entry well water system for our home in rural Minnesota. We could not be happier. Our stools were always getting rusty and needed almost daily cleaning and now they are sparkling white. Wow! The water is just as soft as our former soft water but it actually has a cleaner feel after showering, plus there are no chemicals or salt to maintain and purchase.

We also purchased a new spa and have a spa system. It is great! It keeps our water clear and has a wonderful fresh smell and NO Chlorine! There is no scum and our tub looks like new. We had it recently tested for bacteria, through our spa dealer, and they were pleased to report that it was bacteria free. Everything looked great according to the report. We are completely satisfied with your products and would recommend your system to anyone and everyone.

Thanks for your help.


Greg and Cindy Graif



September 17, 2003

I am writing this letter to thank you for all you help. Your company and back up from the factory was and still is outstanding.

I had a very difficult problem that you and your company were able to solve with ease.

I have this property on Lake Sawyer on a very small island. I was told by the City of Black Diamond that the water for the lake had to pass inspection from the State of Washington, Department of Ecology... I was dreading the process.

John Dodd was a problem solver. Came all the way from Lewiston, Id... To work out a solution. To satisfy the State of Washington and the City of Black Diamond. First we tested the water and sent the sample to ECOsmarte for them to analyze exactly what we needed to comply. We spent 1 day installing the water treatment system and after completion sent the water samples to the labs of State of Washington. Had to tweek the chlorine pump a little and the ECOsmarte system passed with flying colors. I am confident and thrilled that the State of Washington has approved the system and that on this little island on a lake my family and friends can drink the water safely.

Thanks again!!! If anyone wants to call me for a recommendation I will gladly give it.


Gene L Melius

Black Diamond, WA



August, 2003   

Dear ECOsmarte,

 I have had the system on my house one week and am amazed. No one in my part of MT has drinkable water but me. I am sure that our water is in the top 5 list of the worst ever tested and now it runs clear out of everywhere. A lot of ranchers are going to look into this system – now that it is working on my water. 

Good Work

Justin & Shori Melton
Mosby, Montana



May 12, 2003

Dear ECOsmarte,

I wanted to personally thank you for the information provided regarding your water treatment system. After our initial meeting, I was definitely convinced that your system provided exactly what I was looking for .Your knowledge and background was impressive and weighted heavily in my final decision to go with your product.

It has been over six months since you installed your water treatment system in my home. I can not begin to tell yo8u how pleased I am with the system. From day one, there was a significant difference in the taste of the water. I never thought my water tasted that badly until your system was installed. Now, when I go to my neighbors, I find it difficult to drink their water!!! When I was looking for a water treatment system, my major concerns were: (1) I wanted a system that did NOT use salt; (2) I wanted a system where the water was not "slimy." Your system gave me both of those items. Also, once I moved to Pullman, there was a definite water spotting problem on the glasses and dishes. Alas, that is gone, too!!! And, bonus of bonus, the toilet bowls and sinks stay clean!!!

Frankly, I can not say enough good things about ECOsmarte. I would be happy to recommend your water system to anyone who is looking for a water system that works and is hassle-free.


Barbara A. Schriber

Pullman, WA



February, 2003  



Were we lucky or what? I never thought the random phone call from a water purifying salesperson would bring all that followed. We have a chemical free system that eventually will keep our very dirty water clean. We are stockholders of a company  we did not know existed and we found an “expert” in water and water purification for our trial and more…, you showed up for court and were so great! Thank you so much for your time, support and concern.


Marci Thorberg
Ham Lak



North Carolina
January 4, 2003  


Since installation of our ECOsmarte Point of Entry system in December, 2002 we have enjoyed excellent water. We no longer have water with strange taste, spots on our dishes or calcium around our brass bath fixtures.

It is great to have good tasting water at every sink, not just a kitchen filter, especially at night or when taking medications in the bathroom. We are no longer concerned about damage to the copper plumbing in our new house. Our other primary concern: the amount of chlorine in our drinking water has also been eliminated by the ECOsmarte system.

We look forward to enjoying our new water for many years. 

Bill Stowe
Port Charlotte, Florida





Before installing the ECOsmarte well system, I could only use water from this well for irrigation because it stained everything with iron and smelled bad from manganese. Now I use the well water for my entire home and enjoy it for drinking straight from the tap. 

William S Winterton
Julian, California





Dear Sirs, 

So far we are happy with the clarity of the water and the smell/odor is no longer present. We had a water softener before but prefer this system much more. The price was substantial, but we believe it is worth it. Your service on the telephone was also much appreciated. 

W & L Richardson
Montgomery, Texas



June 2001

We have been living in our new house with our new ECOsmarte water system for 5 months now.

So many people that visit the house ask how our water is ... they see the big glass shower doors, the stainless steel in the kitchen, want to know if the water is OK to drink... And I tell them about the ECOsmarte water system we out in.

I tell them I really don't fully understand how the system works, just that I know it works without chemicals or salt and uses something called ionization to deal with our 18 grain hard White Bear Lake Township Water. A natural, environmentally friendly approach, since we are on the lake. I also let them know how wonderfully it works. I have never had such clean, sparkly dishes out of the dishwasher. ECOsmarte recommended that we not install a stainless steel dishwasher if we were going to use their system. They thought the intense heat from stainless steel would cause spotting. We went with the Bosh dishwasher with the stainless steel inside and it came with a free supply of Jet Dry, so I tried it. I can't believe how great the dishes look.

Its delicious to drink too! We have a refrigerator with the water and ice from the door and it gets used constantly. I thought water deposits/spots would be a problem in that area because of the stainless and black. The light spotting that happens is more like a fine powder that just wipes off. Cleaning and maintaining is so easy.

After 5 months of living with the system we could not be happier. Thank you for being responsible with our environment, and creating a system that works.

Living with great water without chemicals and salt.

Ann Shannon

White Bear Township





Dear Joe and Larry,

This is a note to say thank you for all of your fantastic service. James and I have depended on you guys a lot to get our Ecosmarte Well system working correctly and to help us out with our ridiculous dispute with that icky hot tub company. And you have wowed us every time. You tell the truth, you are reliable, and always so very nice to work with. I can't tell you how important that is to us. Keep up the good work. We tell everyone about you because we believe if we only support the businesses who deliver on customer service, and so do our friends, then eventually those "Spa Concept" types will cease to exist. You guys are not only ecosmarte, you're customersmarte. (but if you're so smarte, why can't you spell?)

Thanks so much,

Katherine and James Denman 
Menomonie, WI 




February 2nd, 2001

Dear ECOsmarte,

I purchased the ECOsmarte system because I know that the well water in the area has a lot of iron and you can taste the rust.  We didn't want some of the same problems we had at our prior rural house.  We had a normal water softener, which required salt, and we had a drinking system that required filters to be changed frequently.  Even with all of this we still had iron in the water which would turn our shower and toilet tanks orange.  My wife and I contracted our home ourselves.  We had a new well drilled and I flushed the new well for 5 to 6 hours and the water was still orange.  We had the ECOsmarte system installed in our new home.  We are very pleased with the results thus far.  We don't have the orange staining problems and I didn't have to install a special drinking system.  Everyone in the family likes the taste of the water right out of the tap.

Sincerly, Terry Brison 
Northfield, MN 



September 6th, 1999



We have lived in our home in Afton for about ten years. During this time we have had a continuous problem with our well water. Although we had a soft water system, our sinks and tubs were continuously stained and we had to buy bottled water to drink. Conventional soft water systems were unable to correct this problem.

In desperation, we began looking for an alternative technology to solve our water problems. We visited the ECOsmarte office in Richfield and were given a complete explanation of this system. Although we were not completely convinced, we decided to purchase an ECOsmarte system. It has been installed for one month and has made a significant improvement in our lives. We no longer need to fuss with our water system or buy bottled water. What we really appreciate is the consistency of the water quality; it does not go up and down. Although the ECOsmarte system was more expensive than traditional soft water systems, we are very pleased with our decision to purchase.

Best regards,

Jim and Arlene Barnhart 
Afton, MN 


April 19th, 1999

By the 19th we got the whole house water filtration system completely installed and running. The story behind this is that our well water tests came back from two different test labs showing that we had arsenic levels 10 times that of the EPA limit...not good!   After tons of research on the web and calling places I ended up working with a company called EcoSmarte. I worked with both the CEO at their main office in Minnesota and a local distributor here in Phoenix. When it was all said and done we ended up with a pretty sophisticated system which was necessary to get rid of such a severe problem.  If you want to know the details send us an email and I will be happy to explain them to you or visit EcoSmarte's site. Basically we have a combination of technologies working for us which includes EcoSmarte's ionization and a RO for the whole house. update 6/7/99 I talked to Larry (CEO) today and he received the post-install water test results back and we have NO detectable arsenic in our water now. (Excerpt from their web site)


Michael and Pam K. 
New River, AZ


October 29, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

I have been using ECOsmarte water conditioning systems for my household water and for my swimming pool for four months now and would like to report back to you that I am extremely pleased with both systems.

My household water is supplied from a well and has moderately hard water. I have had to use a conventional water softener for the last fifteen years, constantly lugging heavy bags of salt to my basement to keep the unit operating. Even with the water softener, my sinks, faucets, and water heater had calcium build-up to the point where two of my toilets filled extremely slow. Within one month after installing the ECOsmarte system in my home, my toilets began filling normally and the scale on the faucets and shower heads disappeared. The bonus was the water felt softer. It was like magic.

As for the pool system, having a chlorine free pool is amazing. My wife has very sensitive eyes and was constantly irritated by the chorine. Since installing the ECOsmarte system, my maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing. I still go to the pool every morning thinking there is something I must do. It's hard to break old habits.

Please use my name as a reference for your products. You've got a winner!


Michael Amato 
Greenwich, CT



Pool and Well Water Testimonial!

October 24, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

Last April we met with you to discuss the installation of the chemical free ECOsmarte Water Treatment Systems. The first installation was the swimming pool. The second application was the water system in our home.

We have been amazed at the clarity, taste and smell of the swimming pool. Almost immediately after installation, everyone noticed that the pool smelled fresh and clean. The best example of the quality is our two dogs, who in past years would not go near the pool. After conversion to the ECOsmarte system, the dogs would drink the pool water.. Our guests have commented that the water is soft and crystal clear and they are grateful that we do not use chemicals. I found that the pool required less care and upkeep - maintaining pH levels and cleaning the skimmers.

For many years the house had three recyclable tanks supplied by Culligan. Our well produces very brown water which is caused by the iron content in the soil. Usually, at the end of the ;month we would have a strong odor of sulfur or, more precisely, "rotten eggs." Our showers are white tile with white grout which became a brown color from the iron deposits. Also, the water was very hard and did not provide much lather or softness.

Upon converting to the ECOsmarte system the brown color was gone as was the sulfur odor. The water is soft and has the wonderful smell of a pure artesian well. My wife and daughters have remarked how soft and full-bodied their hair feels with the new system. Our crystal glasses used to become cloudy and dull. Consequently, we had to hand wash them. As you know we do a lot of entertaining and it is not unusual to have fifty to sixty glasses to wash. Now we just put them in the dishwasher and they come out clear and squeaky clean.

I can't begin to tell you the number of compliments we have gotten from family members and guests about the water in the house and pool. As you know, some of our neighbors will be installing the ECOsmarte system in their homes and pools. I am pleased to send you this letter and you have my permission to use its contents in your publications. If anyone would like to call us, please feel free to give them our telephone number.

Best Regards,

Brian T. Fitzpatrick 
Greenwich, CT


July 5, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

My wife and I wish to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with the electrolytic water purification system you installed for us some six months ago. Prior to this installation, the water from our community well system was heavily contaminated with manganese, iron, calcium, salt and non-coliform bacteria as well as organic solids (see enclosed NTL drinking water analysis.) This contaminated water stained white laundry so badly that it was necessary to use a Laundromat in town; plumbing fixtures required constant de-staining and, while the water was safe to drink, it did not taste particularly good so we regularly used bottled water for ice cubes, mixing concentrated juices and for drinking. Since the ECOsmarte System with a 20 micron pre-filter was installed last January we are able to do our white laundry at home, plumbing fixtures are becoming stain-free and the water is perfectly drinkable. I most highly recommend both this system and this company. The system has worked as advertised, the installation was first class and the service is outstanding.


Robert W. Harrison 
Seattle, WA


North Carolina - 12 Years Now

ECOsmarte -

Thank you for restoring my full facility well water system to its original quality level. In 1997 when I purchased the system I primarily wanted to get rid of the iron, manganese and odors. We have come to learn it prevents biofilms and bacteria in both the plumbing lines and operating tubes.

Danny Quallontine, DDS
Greenville, North Carolina

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